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Zebrapad Astrology

The easiest way to learn and practice astrology.

Practice as much as you can and be rewarded for your progress. 
Test your knowledge, reach unprecedented level of interpretation.

Increase your skills and get guidance through your learning journey.

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Zebrapad Astrology

Birth Chart on-the-go

Displaying a birth chart into different layers to improve your interpretation skills.


The fundamental in Astrology : practice, practice, practice.

Get access to more than 60 000 public profiles and assess their planetary conditions.

Take note of your findings and build together a community knowledge. 

Revisit thousands of events on a powerful timeline!

We have combined all the traditional predictive techniques in a single platform.

Transits, Zodiacal Releasing, Profection, Solar Return, Secondary Progression, Lunar Phase, Eclipses...

Zebrapad Astrology
Zebrapad Astrology

Animated Transit at a glance

Navigate through time and check how the planetary dance have played and infused their symbolism into the person's event or unique trait.

You will practice

with the insights of the best-in-class astrologers of the Tradition

.. Now it's time to dig into thousands of charts and get the most of your learning journey!

Image by RAIS

"I am so confused when it comes to synthetize the interpretation of charts"

-- Caroline C.

"I would like to practice more, but I don't where to start"

-- Kim N.

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