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Zebrapad has launched the "Unfold Astro Coaching " app.  We will soon launch the "Astrolearn"  app for the astro lovers who wants to practice more

Zebrapad makes a revival of the ancient tradition of Astrology
with its AI based technology to bring
fun, knowledge and inspiration for our daily lives.

We unlocked millions of success stories

We often hear celebrities saying: "The planets were aligned" when they reach an unprecedented successful period of their life. 


To test this quote, we gathered thousands of eminence profiles and the dates of their significant achievements (Olympic medals, life-changing career promotion, significant relationships, etc.).
We applied multiple traditional Astrology predictive techniques to their life.

Marie, our founder, combined her 15 years of data science experience with ephemeris** to check their validity on this massive database of events. ​
To do so, we used machine learning and data science to reveal trends and discover correlations between peaks and lows in momentum charts versus events in the real life of our database.

We observe that planetary configurations surprisingly do better than the pure random factor to predict the intense period*.

By applying AI on our databases we develop solutions that help people

  • understand their own characteristics

  • understand how they relate to others

  • identify trends in life

*Intense Period: when significant events are more likely to happen ​
**Ephemeris: In astronomy and celestial navigation, an ephemeris is a book with tables that gives the trajectory of naturally occurring astronomical objects in the sky, i.e., the position over time. It is also the base of astrology.

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