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Yin & Yang, the principle of contrasting concepts of your self-expression

Breaking down the nuances of astrology can feel like solving a Rubik’s cube. But you don’t have to be an expert to get a sense for how each element affects you. At Zebrapad we investigate every nook and cranny of your birth chart, giving you the most direct analysis of every subtle detail of your profile — without the complicated jargon.

One of those is a polarity called Yin/Yang, which contrasts the categories of positive and negative.

Yin/Yang also goes by masculine/feminine or emissive/receptive. In ancient Chinese philosophy, Yin/Yang is the principle of contrasting concepts, like light and dark side of your personality. In your birth chart, it determines where you express and direct your energy towards the most.

You can think of Yin/Yang as the opposing shades or the polar charges of your self-expression. It’s a great tool to learn how you connect and relate to those around you. It’s broken up between the elements.

If your birth chart is mainly water and earth signs, you’re Yin dominated; if you’re mostly fire and air signs, you’re Yang dominated.

Yin Characteristics (Earth and Water signs)

Keywords: introverted, intuition, introversion, wisdom, passive

Yin zodiac signs are introverted. They’re considered the negative charge. They possess passive or secondary qualities. These signs are tied to their inner self pour energy and focus internally and are generally receptive to emotions. They represent inner peace and require lots of rest. While connected to their imagination and intuition, Yin dominant people are sometimes subjected to overthinking and ruminating on things from their past.

Yin Dominant Celebrities: Cindy Crawford, Katy Perry, Janet Jackson, Ariana Grande, Steve Wozniak, Julia Roberts

Yang Characteristics (Fire and Air Signs)

Keywords: extroverted, actionable, courage, excitement, frustration

Yang zodiac signs are extroverted. They’re considered the positive charge. They possess active or primary qualities. These signs pour energy and focus outward and aren’t afraid to express themselves. Yang dominant people take action in life and tend to strike while the iron is hot. They are all about excitement and socializing. While they are brave and direct, they can be impulsive and restless and may resort to rash behavior.

Yang Dominant Celebrities: Oprah Winfrey, Bill Clinton, Harry Styles, Maria Sharapova

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