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The Power of the Big Three, and Why It Matters

Updated: Apr 26, 2022

Taking a leap of faith in your personal development requires a couple of key things: clear intentions and a deep understanding of yourself. Sound intimidating? Fear not — being vigilant in your self-improvement doesn’t have to be a grueling process. While fully understanding your true self is undoubtedly a lifelong journey, you can still take actionable steps right now by unraveling the different layers of your astrological chart. Cue: Zebrapad. By calculating the “big three” in your birth chart, otherwise known as your sun, moon, and rising sign, not only do you get a broader scope of your astrological profile, but an opportunity to get to use your strengths and hidden powers to crush your goals and win at life.

Your big three is important for a ton of reasons. Each planet in your chart is stationed in a specific zodiac sign, so it’s worth it to understand the archetypal characteristics of the signs which your planets are zoned in. The most recognizable element is your sun is an embodiment of your identity, and it’s the sign you’re most likely to understand the most about. Your moon sign reflects your inner self. Upon first impressions, your rising sign is the element at play. Ready to take charge in your self-development? Keep reading to know how your sun, moon, and rising signs play into your day-to-day. Plus, how to harness these traits to be your best self.

What Does Your Sun Sign Mean?

Your sun sign, sometimes called your star sign, is determined by the constellation in which the sun has “moved” the moment you were born. This placement indicates the foundation of you — where your motivations, quirks, qualities, and tendencies lie. Who are you when people are paying attention? This is your identity. Where you question who you are, what your mission in life is, and how you’re motivated to achieve it lies within this placement.

Knowing your sun sign is crucial when it comes to navigating your routine. It shows the strengths that help you achieve your goals but it also helps you understand how you get along with the people and circumstances around you. When you can understand the elements of your sun sign, you’re able to eloquently answer the question “who am I?”, how you naturally express yourself, along with the context and underlying reasons for why and how you express this part of yourself.

What Does Your Moon Sign Mean?

Your moon sign is a reflection of your inner self and is the most private part of your chart. How you process, understand, and react to your emotions and that of others is symbolized in this placement. It also unlocks your intuition and ability to pick up on emotional cues and trust your gut feeling. This is the placement that answers, “how do I feel?”

When you can understand the inner workings of your emotional state, you can discern the strengths and shortcomings that arrive when it comes to handling the spectrum of emotion. Your moon sign can help you understand yourself on an intimate level and give context as to why you react in certain ways so you can nurture your inner self.

What Does Your Rising Sign Mean?

Your rising or ascendant sign is where your assertion of the self in terms of social interaction and first impressions. This placement is likened to the part of yourself which is activated when you’re portraying yourself in public. Your rising sign can manifest in your physical body, your sense of fashion, along with your approach to life.

This is different from your sun sign in that you are fully conscious of your intentions of how you want to be perceived, rather than a natural ebb and flow of your natural tendencies — it’s where you answer the question, “how do I express who I want to be?” Understanding your rising sign is a great way of channeling your intentions and making yourself aware of how you express your identity.

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