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Autonomous or Altruistic : identify some of the context behind your behavior.

Do you consider yourself independent or identify more as selfless? There are tons of reasons why understanding the motivations behind your actions is beneficial to your personal development. For one, knowing where you stand on the spectrum of altruism vs. autonomous can help you identify some of the context behind your behavior so you can unravel the layers of your own tendencies. It can also help you see where you can strike a balance.

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On one hand, being autonomous means freedom and self-expression is important to you. On the other hand, leaning more towards being more altruistic means you value humanitarianism and community. While people can be a fragrant blend of the two, it’s not unusual for someone to manifest more qualities of one than the other. When you know the motivations behind your actions, you can identify where your strengths are and where you can improve in order to grow personally and within the scope of the community.

What Does It Mean to Be More Autonomous?

As an autonomous person, you’re focused more on your own interests. You tend to be more idealistic, looking at the big picture rather than the details. You’re self-reliant, meaning your objective is to find solutions yourself rather than look to others for help.

Independence comes in handy when you’re focused on meeting a personal goal and when taking on leadership roles. Generally, it’s great to exercise your own freedom as it takes someone to realize their own worth and value. On the other hand, being too autonomous could make collaboration difficult and challenging for you to see the perspectives of others.

What Does It Mean to Be More Altruistic?

When you’re altruistic, you’re focused on the welfare of others. When faced with a problem, you tend to rely on teamwork rather than your own individualized solutions. You’re connected to the concept of community, so you tend to be more sociable.

Being community-based is great when it comes to working together and finding solutions to a problem that impacts others as well as being a great display of empathy. It takes strength and valiance to see things from all angles. Conversely, being too altruistic can pose a problem when it comes to dependence of others and living to appease the collective rather than living for themselves.

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