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Announcing the Beta release of our Mobile App for iOS and Android.

Updated: Apr 27, 2022

At Zebrapad

we believe every choice feels critically important to people navigating their lives in a changing world.

That is why, after months of work and efforts from countless people this version will help our community unlock their full potential.

What Do We Mean by Beta?

This beta release is a work-in-progress version, intended for user evaluation. And we'd love to learn from you! Sharing your experience with the Zebrapad app will help us to improve it before we release an even more complete version.

What's in the app?

  • your daily focus and recommended content

  • your timeline indicating your key moments

  • a placeholder of these in your agenda

  • your profile and personality

  • your personal birth chart

Do you want to join the beta?

Just follow the link and to get started right now. You will be able to input your own data, discover your personality, identify optimal moments to ultimately gain confidence and perspective.

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