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Zebrapad Astrology
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Know when to take action !

Look at successful people, they all persevered on what they knew deep inside was right for them. They achieved and outperformed during their key timing.


Skip the sweat and focus on your next milestone.

Zebrapad Astrology

Thanks for joining!

Zebrapad Astrology

Our app is coming soon📱

Join the waitlist to discover and start acting on your sweet spots.

By applying data science on 60.000 profiles and their life paths we identified actionable patterns.

Self-acceptance, self-confidence 

Discover your sweet spots and focus on them. Learn to unlock your full potential.

Experience what brings more fulfillment in your life.

Zebrapad Astrology

Meet the smartest and most unfolded companion app.

Millions of biography data combined with NASA ephemeris, Zebrapad is the most cutting-edge forecasting tool, here to answer all question Google can't answer.

When Artificial Intelligence meets reality .

Zebrapad Astrology

Get your vitamin of the day 

One step at a time. Focus and gain successful habits to achieve your New Year resolution.


The most actionable self-development program. 

What our early adopters say :

"You give the essentials, basics to get to know oneself. The interface is very intuitive.

Recognizing myself in the profiling section allowed me to trust the app." - Christel V.

"I know have a clearer understanding of why I made the same mistake over and over angain." - Angelina D.

"It cleared out my doubts on some parts of my personality. I helps me to reflect on my past and be better aware of my future." - Virgine D.

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