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  • How and why did Unfold start?
    After 15 years of research on decision-making for the corporate and financial world, one of our founders - Marie - asked herself if she could apply her knowledge to her fellow humans, helping them facilitate and perhaps improve their decision-making. Marie developed several machine learning techniques using data science and applied them to genuine human profiles to identify patterns. After more than one year of development, the model started to be robust enough to implement in real life. Today, she has surrounded herself with a team of experts helping bring the solution to the bigger crowd by creating a companion app.
  • How does Unfold work?
    We took millions of life facts of public people and their moment of birth. We applied numerous algorithms with the most advanced analytics tools to derive a gigantic dataset. This dataset will be our playground to test thousands of astro hypotheses. We found great insight: some major event in your life does not seem to happen purely at random. There seem to be specific timing where things are more likely to pertain.
  • What can you expect from Unfold ?
    If some of your key career milestones or your love life are to be happening rather under certain periods, would you take your life more strategically and give it 300% when the peak is to come? Would you deserve some rest when it's not yet the time? Reflect and get prepared instead of becoming anxious of something not happening. ​ We bet you would gain more confidence if you rediscover how unique you are. There are no best profiles. There are only people who persevere in their right direction.
  • Is Unfold based on science?
    Unfold is all about Data science techniques applied to a new knowledge era. ​ We gained over 15 years of experience juggling data to make predictions for big companies. While financial markets are about forecasting very complex trends as it entails human behavior, so do we, with the data points formed by thousand of people during their entire lives.
  • What about the privacy of my personal data?
    We will never sell your personal data to third parties.
  • How can we predict your month ahead?
    We use different techniques sur as Zodiacal Releasing (check the monthly timeline) or Monthly Profection (check the monthly focus behind your daily blob). Other techniques such as transit (more likely a conjunction, square or opposition of Saturn or Jupiter on your natal planets or angles) can also give you some insight about a monthly period.
  • What is Zodiacal Release?
    Your life can be compared as a book with different chapters. The Zodiacal Release method is an ancient technique that shows and highlights specific period of your life as being more intense, more prone to transitions, more likely to have major events happening. When you look at your daily timeline, it is the ZR on the Level 4. The peaks are lasting some days, so it might mean that you are more productive, or more connecting, but it does not guarantee a major change during that so short period. When you look at the next level, it will highlight the months thoughout the year that are more intense. This way, you could plan more milestones with the monthly peaks. On the Level 2, it is a great way to revisit your love events, or your work, career or general direction. This Level 2 will show periods of years that are likely to contain specific transitions, such as starting a new relationship, or stepping up in your career. If the last peaks match with your curriculum, you can be more aware of your next peak and be ready to take the next big change!
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