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Zebrapad Astrology
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Revisit the timing of your major events on a powerful timeline!

We have combined all traditional predictive techniques in a single platform.

Transits, Zodiacal Releasing, Profection, Solar Retun, Secondary Progression, Lunar Phase, Eclipses...

Zebrapad Astrology

Thanks for joining!

Zebrapad Astrology

Our app is coming soon📱

Join the waitlist to discover your birth chart with the real time transits.

We incorporate more than 60.000 profiles and life tags from to let you test and practice your astro skills

Self-acceptance, self-confidence 

Discover what your birthchart tells you about your challenges, your sweet spots, your inner self.


Focus on your specific places where you can find joy and fulfillment.

Get a check list of your planetary condition to make more accurate delineation.

Zebrapad Astrology

Meet the smartest and most progressive astrology tool.

Zebrapad is the most cutting-edge astro & forecasting tool, here to give you a on-the-go consultation tool.

When Artificial Intelligence meets the ancient traditions of the zodiac.

Zebrapad Astrology

Get your transit of the day 

Receive a gentle reminder of the daily transits through your houses.

Be notified and be ready for when a peak period is getting closer.

What our early adopters say :

"This tool is so powerful and so beautiful. I come here everday to check my chart and the transits" - Liu Y.

"Wow, that's a really great way of presenting the data, and I love how you have indicated notes about the important dates underneath. That is always something I struggled with the most, was figuring out a way to present the data and also note the important events. " Chris Brennan

"I am in your platform! - Kelly Surtees

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