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"I downloaded the Unfold Astro app to see if I could learn more about me, what makes me tick... it did exactly that, this is an amazing app" 

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Over 8,000 downloads      |      5.0 stars on the App Store

Unfold is an astro coaching tool, giving you daily guidance, astro insights and a timeline to map your efforts to success!

Our statistical modeling of real-life events points out optimal moments for action or preparation.


Work peak

Love peak

Skip the sweat and focus on your next milestone.

Powered by big data analysis, we offer you the smartest and most personalized barometer to navigate your life uncertainties over 12 topics.

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Connect with yourself and others on an intimate level.

​Get intimate with yourself and celebrate your uniqueness.

Seek balance and clarity within your relationships.

Get your daily dose of insights each day.

These daily insights are like taking your vitamins. Each day, we’ll deliver you comprehensive data in succinct and digestible chunks. ​ Take your advice of the day and get ready to win the day!


From our beta-test users,


"Wonderful app! It works so well for me on many levels -- it brings me confidence and happiness, and I've never been so sure about my future decisions. Btw, the design is a big bonus! Beautiful colors, lovely fonts... really nice to look at!"


"A marvelous new tool for visualizing my life in perspective."



Now it's your turn

Download the app today to unlock your potential !
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